Blue Emu Oil Reviews - What Is It?

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Blue-Emu is the main provider of Emu Oil products in the world. The company offers Blue-Emu 100% Pure Emu Oil with Vitamin E which needs to be applied to the skin. It is said to deeply penetrate the skin to the muscles and joints. It is used for the treatment of stretch marks and scars. It is claimed to soothe pain and discomfort caused by damaged, dry, or sunburned skin, as well as tired muscles and joints. According to one scientific research, it can be used for relief from aching joints and sore muscles, but the principle of work of this oil is not studied completely yet. It can be applied topically to promote healing of cuts, minor wounds, and radiation therapy burns; to reduce bruises, scarring and keloids; etc.

According to website, there is insufficient evidence for the effectiveness of using Blue Emu Oil for the treatment of skin and hair conditions, wounds, burns, insect bites, muscle and joint problems. More evidence is needed to define the effectiveness of this compound for these uses. The official website gives only general information about the product but does not describe its work or possible side effects. The manufacturer also offers some other pain relief products including Continuous Pain Relief Spray and Maximum Arthritis Pain Relief Cream.

Ingredients of Blue Emu Oil - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn't say anything about the compounds which are included into Blue Emu oil, but, according to, this product contains chemicals known as fatty acids. They are able to reduce swelling, pain and inflammation of the skin. There is some evidence that this product works better for acute inflammation than for chronic inflammation. Emu oil is applied to the skin due to its moisturizing properties that resemble the properties of mineral oil. It is not known for sure whether this product can really deeply penetrate the skin and reach inflamed joints and muscles.

Blue Emu Oil

Pure Emu Oil can really hydrate the skin due to its fatty acids of Omega 3-6-9 which are highly important for repairing the mildly damaged skin. This oil is claimed not to clog pores of the skin like other skin care products. Pure Emu Oil also contains Vitamin E which can be effective for the healing of the skin sore called granuloma annulare. Vitamin E helps to clear up skin sores.

However, Blue Emu Oil is ineffective for the treatment of red and itchy skin even in combination with selenium. Research suggests that this product does not improve symptoms of eczema. It is also ineffective for scarring. One research shows that applying Blue Emu Oil to the skin does not reduce scarring after surgery. It cannot treat inherited muscle disorder known as myotonic dystrophy.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Blue Emu Oil manufacturer doesn't mention any side effects or adverse reactions which can be associated with application of the product to the skin. It makes me think that it may be not completely effective or solve the skin problems described higher. Emu Oil is claimed not to have any odor, to be non-greasy, non-irritating, and highly moisturizing. It works for dry, weathered and chapped skin. However, there is a number of warnings for you to take into account. It should be used externally only.

When using this product, do not bandage the area tightly, do not apply it directly to damaged skin or wounds, avoid using it near the eyes. In case if the product gets into eyes, rinse them thoroughly with a big amount of water. If your condition worsens, stop using Blue Emu Oil immediately and inform your doctor. If the symptoms last more than 7 days, a rash or irritation develops, also consult your doctor. The product should be avoided by pregnant or breast-feeding women. As Blue emu oil is not studied enough, it is not known whether it is safe. Here are some of true users' reviews.

"I upgraded to Blue Emu Oil because I thought it would lessen my terrible pain by my knee cap but it didn't bring me any relief. I suffer from arthritis and recently I have moved on to cryotherapy which has lessened my pain. It is expensive but it is working."

"I have chronic pain in my feet and in my knees because of arthritis and tendonitis. A usually rub Blue Emu Oil into these areas for about ten minutes but I don't feel much relief yet. Do I do anything wrong? I think I have to practice yoga. It helps, they say."

"I just started using Blue Emu Oil and my back pain is lessened enough for me to sleep at night. But in the morning I have to use this oil again, otherwise I will die from pain. By the way, it doesn't have an odor."

Where To Buy Blue Emu Oil?

Blue Emu Oil is available on many retail stores such as Walmart, Amazon, GNC and others. Blue-Emu Pure Emu Oil with Vitamin E costs $15 (1 OZ) on Walgreens. Blue-Emu Original Super Strength Pain Relieving Cream (4.0oz.) costs $19. Drugstore sells Natural Treasures Emu Oil Topical Cream for $19. However, I would suggest buying a product of this kind from the official website only for you to be able to complain of any issues to the manufacturer.

My Final Summary

I don't think that Blue Emu Oil can take proper care of your damaged skin, aching joints or painful muscles because it has a number of disadvantages. It seems to relieve the symptoms for some time only, they the pain and discomfort come back again. Besides, it is rather expensive for a product of this kind. The advantage of Blue Emu Oil is its availability on different retain stores. I cannot recommend it to the usage because the modern market is full of other more effective pain-relieving products.

Affordable Alternative

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