Forever Bust Reviews - What Is It?

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Forever Bust is a breast enlargement cream that promises to make your bust fuller and firmer if used on a regular basis. This product is easy to use - you have just to apply it, in a thin layer. The formula is said to be natural, based on phytoestrogen. But is Forever Bust really an answer to having bigger breast (one cup size bigger) or are these only claims? The item promises to work due to its components that supply the hormones necessary for firm and big breast.

Forever Bust is manufactured by a badly known company, that doesn't seem to have its own official website. I failed to find any information on its name or location. This formulation is said to work due to its ability to raise blood movement towards breast tissues. As a specialist, I can say that there is always enough blood in female breast, so I don't think that Forever Bust is as miraculous as promised by the manufacturer. Besides, I know a lot of women who have tried similar products but received completely no results. But let's check whether Forever Bust can enhance the regrowth of female boobs by studying its ingredients in detail.

Ingredients of Forever Bust - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Due to some third party websites, I managed to find out that Forever Bust contains a number of ingredients, which are claimed to be beneficial for female bust. These websites usually selling the product, that it why I didn't wonder how the product was praised. Forever Bust claims to contain phytoestrogens, which are said to be able to stimulate the growth of breast tissues. There is a number of some other ingredients too.

Forever Bust

The first one is Saw palmetto. It is a well-known natural herb that contains a lot of phytonutrients and is believed to stimulate the growth of the breast tissue. However, there is insufficient evidence for the effectiveness for increasing breast size, according to It's an active component of many remedies that specialize in the treatment of breast problems. However, these properties of the plant have not been studied well enough yet.

Fenugreek is another ingredient that contains phytoestrogens which are said to stimulate estrogen production in the female body. It is claimed to influence estrogen release and enlarge breast tissues. However, nothing is mentioned about these effects of Fenugreek on Usually this component is consumed internally.

According to the manufacturer of Forever Bust, Fennel also contains phytoestrogens, mimicking the activity of natural estrogen. But I don't think that this herb can boost natural estrogen levels in the human body. If it were so easy, no woman would be dreaming of big breasts. Wild Mexican yam is another ingredient of the product. It contains diosgenin, a phytoestrogen and a precursor of the progesterone hormone. This compound is not mentioned to be really beneficial for female bust growth but what is known for sure is that it can be really harmful when used in large amounts.

Damiana is a natural component that is said to provide the female body with plant estrogens, but this is not scientifically proven. Mother's wort is another plant ingredient that is claimed to stimulate breast tissue growth. Unfortunately, this compound may cause a number of side effects which will be described further in this review.

Blessed thistle has the same action; it provides hormonal balance in the female body. This is a special component that targets milk production in to the breast of nursing moms but little is known about its ability to make the bust grow. Dong quai is an Asian root that has similar properties but this ingredient is badly studied.

As you can see, Forever Bust contains a number of natural ingredients but this was not a complete ingredient list. It means that there is a high chance that this product contains also some chemical and unnatural components. I am really concerned about lack of information on many ingredients in Forever Bust. The maker has to make a thorough research of each of the components to ensure that they are effective and safe. At present, the product may carry some dangers for your health. Let us have a look at possible side effects and adverse reactions associated with the use of certain components.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of Forever Bust does not say anything about the possibility of experiencing any adverse reactions. No risks, allergic reactions or side-effects are expected, however, no product is 100% safe. For example, some ingredients in Forever Bust may potentially be harmful for the human health.

Saw palmetto contained in this product is considered to be safe for topical application when used for up to 30 days. However, its safety is under question when it is used for longer periods of time. It should be avoided by pregnant and breast-feeding women because it acts like a hormone. This compound can be especially dangerous when used during pregnancy.

Another ingredient in the product, Wild yam, is also thought to be safe when applied to the skin in recommended amounts but large amounts can lead to vomiting. It can be harmful when used during pregnancy and breast-feeding too. It is better to stay on the safe side and not to use products with this component. It should be also avoided by women with a hormone-sensitive condition such as endometriosis, uterine cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or uterine fibroids. The matter is that Wild yam might act like estrogen which can worsen the condition.

Motherwort is considered to be safe, however, there are reports when it caused skin irritation, increased sensitivity to the sun and rashes. As this plant compound may stimulate the uterus this might cause a miscarriage. That is why it should not be used during pregnancy. Its safety is under question during breast-feeding. For this reason, it should be avoided in this period too. There is a number of users' reviews for Forever Bust online. Some of them are positive, while others are not. Some buyers are satisfied with firming and lifting properties of the product, while others are disappointed with its promised effects. Let us have a look at some of these testimonials.

"I ordered my free bottle of Forever Bust two weeks ago but it hasn't arrived yet. When will I get it finally? It seems like a scam. Do not believe this company. Thanks god, I haven't paid for this order."

"The makers of ForeverBust promise that the product delivers noticeable breast increasing results within four to six weeks. I have used it for two months already but I can see zero effect. Waste of money!"

"Forever Bust is insecure to use. At first, nothing bad happened to the skin of my breast but then I started noting small pimples. I didn't pay attention to them thinking this was due to the heat and sweating but then acne quickly spread and I had to visit a cosmetologist. The specialist told me to stop using it."

Where To Buy Forever Bust?

There is only one place for buying this product - it is online through the number of retail stores. Forever Bust is being offered for free. You can order a free trial bottle for the low cost of shipping and handling. Handling costs $1 and shipping costs either $7. A normal bottle of the product costs $65. You will not find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

I don't think that Forever Bust can take proper care of your bust because it has a lot of cons. The product is not meant for individuals who are below thirty years old. Results may vary for different individuals who are using it. This topical remedy is quite expensive but it doesn't seem effective for most users, which can be seen from a number of testimonials. Forever Bust is not a good product to use if you are not happy with your bust size or firmness. It has a number of contraindications and can even cause some allergic reactions and side effects. You are recommended to find a breast enhancer which is both effective and free from side effects.

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