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Arthro 7

Arthro-7 was created for people who suffer from pain in their joints. This supplement is available in the form of capsules and promises to you to feel more comfortable, to make your joints more flexible and mobile. This product is said to nourish them with seven basic ingredients contained in it. Arthro-7 claims to improve joint mobility in just two weeks. According to the manufacturer, it promises to relieve discomfort in the joints, to nourish joint cartilage, to improve joint mobility and maintain overall health of joint... read more

KY Liquibeads

KY Liquibeads is a product that is also known as a vaginal moisturizer intended to relieve vaginal dryness, a spread condition among women all over the world. According to the manufacturer, this product is made in such a way as to make you feel as if it is your natural moisture. A special formula makes these liquibeads effective for usage during sex. It can be then removed. KY Liquibeads are said to be suitable to those women who suffer from vaginal dryness... read more


Aspercreme Cream is a new product that is used to relieve minor pain and inflammation in muscles and joints. The main drawback of this product is that it brings only temporary relief and does not fight the root of pain or the disease. This topical salicylate solution works by reducing inflammation and swelling. It works only due to its active ingredient - Lidocaine. The company behind the product is called Aspercreme. It is not reputable and it badly known. Its official website of commercial mainly... read more


A lot of people all over the world suffer from pain in the joints. The reasons of these problems can be different including hard physical routine and old age. These may occur due to tear of tissues. Instaflex is a new product that promises to fix these problems. The company behind this product has the same name Instaflex. It is located in the United States. The full address is Instaflex; MS #730; 913 West 2900 South; Salt Lake City, UT 84119. The company claims that their joint supplement therapy... read more

Nucynta ER

Nucynta ER is a medication used to help relieve severe pain. It works due to its main ingredient, Tapentadol. It is an opioid (narcotic) pain reliever. It works by influencing on certain centers in the human brain and giving pain relief, according to the manufacturer. However, the exact principle of work is unknown. Tapentadol may be used to relieve nerve pain (peripheral neuropathy) in patients suffering from diabetes. There is an official website but it is not very informative. It gives a general description of the product... read more

Omega XL

Omega XL is made by the company called Great Healthworks that is located somewhere in the USA. This brand of supplement was created to decrease joint inflammation and pain. The product is sold through the company's official website which is not informative enough. The information about basic things is absent (including side effects and ingredients of the product). However, the site is professionally made in its appearance. It offers an advertising video that describes the benefits of the product, however, in reality... read more

Arnicare Gel

Arnicare Gel is a pain reliever that has a cooling effect. According to the manufacturer, it is not greasy and not sticky, and can be quickly absorbed by the human skin. But the main disadvantage of this product is that it relieves muscle pain and stiffness only for a short period of time. It means that this gel only masks the symptoms but does not treat the problem. Arnicare Gel reduces swelling, pain, and discoloration left by bruises which were caused by overexertion... read more

Lumo Lift

Lumo Lift is a fitness sensor that promises to help you control your posture, get a more confident position, and live a healthier lifestyle. The product is manufactured by the company called Lumo Bodytech, Inc. The latter is not well known or reputable in the country. The company is not listed with the Better Business Bureau. The device was released in Spring 2014, so it has enough customer reviews available online. The product is said to be the only fitness tracker specially... read more

Miracle Bamboo Cushion

It is a well-known fact that we spend most of our time sitting, whether at school, at work, relaxing at home, in the car, or watching TV. Very often we do not feel as comfortable as desired. Whether you are at the office, at home, or anywhere else, there is a product that promises to support your entire weight, as well as reduce stress on your spine and back. It is called Miracle Bamboo Cushion that provides high-density orthopedic foam that will cradle your body... read more

Cyclobenzaprine Hcl

Cyclobenzaprine Hcl is a product that relaxes muscles by blocking pain sensations or nerve impulses that are sent to the human brain. Usually, this product is used in combination with physical therapy and rest in the treatment of different skeletal and muscle conditions including pain or injury. It may be also used for other purposes defined by the doctor. Cyclobenzaprine Hcl is a quite dangerous product, that is why it is associated with a number of health resctictions... read more

Joint Juice

Joint Juice is a supplement drink designed for those people who suffer from different joint issues including pain, stiffness and discomfort. It was initially created for active individuals who put much load on their joints, however, later it was ventured out to meet the needs of anyone who either leads an active way of life or suffers from awful symptoms of osteoarthritis. They promise that the user will feel relief within 14 days after starting to taking this drink... read more


Zipsor (diclofenac potassium) is an anti-inflammatory medication (NSAID). The main ingredient of this nonsteroidal drug is Diclofenac potassium that works by decreasing certain substances in the human body that cause inflammation and pain. This product is used to treat acute pain in adults only, however, it is designed for mild to moderate pain only. Zipsor is available in liquid filled capsules that require a doctor's prescription for usage. Like all NSAID medicines... read more

Absorbine Jr

Absorbine Jr cream is used as an antifungal treatment for feet. It blocks the growth of fungi, the main cause of such skin infections as jock itch, athlete's foot, and ringworm. This cream may also be used to treat some other conditions but it is recommended to consult your doctor before usage. The Walgreens Drugstore website says that Absorbine Jr. brings temporary relief of muscle pain and joint pain. Sometimes it is used for bruises, arthritis, strains, sprains, and backache... read more


Capzasin is a medication that is used for the treatment of insignificant pains and aches of the muscles and joints. This can be linked to such health conditions as backache, arthritis, and sprains. The product works by decreasing the amount of substance P in the human body. This natural substance is responsible for transmitting pain signals to the brain. This drug may also be used to treat nerve pain, as well as for other conditions as determined by your doctor... read more


Kyrobak is a relatively new device for home use intended to relieve back pain. According to the manufacturer, it has been clinically proven even though there is no evidence proving this claim. The device is used to treat non-specific pain using Continuous Passive Motion (CPM). It is a non-invasive approach that aims to provide relaxation during 10 minutes. All the user needs to do is to lie on the device with one's back, relax and have some rest. Kyrobak is an electronic device that works from electricity... read more

Nature Made Prenatal

Nature Made Prenatal is a dietary supplement specially created to provide the building blocks for the future baby and the pregnant mothers. The product is available in the form of tablets or softgels which need to be taken once a day. The company behind the product is badly known. It is located in the USA, however, its exact address is not given. It also offers a number of other products namely Postnatal multivitamins, Multi Prenatal Tablets, Nature Made Prenatal with DHA and Postnatal Multi... read more

One a Day Prenatal Women Vitamins

One a Day Prenatal Women Vitamins is a dietary supplement that offers a complete multivitamin complex for future mothers and their babies. The product is intended to meet the nutritional needs of a pregnant woman at three stages: when you are trying to conceive a baby, during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. One A Day Women Prenatal Vitamins have 100% of the daily value for the main nutrients such as iron and folic acid. There is also DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid that supports the health of eye development and fetal brain during pregnancy... read more


Futzuki is a new device that claims to target more than 2800 reflexology points in the human feet to relieve pain of different etymology. It is available in the form of a footpad with dozens of soft rounded points. According to the manufacturer, each of these points features contact points on your feet. Regular usage of Futzuki promises to relieve tingling, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, arch pain, and other issues of bad feet. This device works by sending signals which are expected to relieve pain not only in the feet but in the whole body... read more

Diurex Max Water Pills

Diurex Max Water Pills are designed for those women who need a menstrual diuretic to relieve bloating symptoms without other unnecessary ingredients. The product helps to increase the outflow of excess water from the body to prevent monthly water bloat, swelling, weight gain, puffiness, and pressure related discomforts. These caplets dissolve in water quickly and are coated for easier swallowing. According to the manufacturer, Diurex has been used by millions of women to relieve pre-menstrual and menstrual discomforts... read more

Little Pink Pill

Little Pink Pill also known as Addyi is the first prescription drug meant for women who lack sex drive. A vigorous debate over the fate of this drug finished in 2015 Federal health officials approved its usage. The matter is that this daily pill is associated with a number of warnings. There is risk of fainting, especially if the medication is combined with alcohol or other drugs. No doctor will prescribe it to you unless the complete an online certification test... read more


Pamprin is a product specially designed to relieve pain from such conditions as menstrual cramps, toothaches, muscle aches, or headaches (including migraine). It is a combination of acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine but, unfortunately, these components bring only a temporary relief. There are two forms of the product - Multi-symptom and Max Formula. Pamprin Maximum Strength Multi-Symptom contains three active ingredients: an antihistamine, a diuretic and a pain reliever... read more

Estriol Cream

Estriol is a product which has been created for women in the period of their menopause. The product promises to provide you with the relief from vaginal dryness, to help you with the mood swings and night sweats. You can forget about hot flashes if you use Estriol cream. According to the producer it can also be useful for helping you in getting rid of wrinkles as well as hair loss and bone weakness. The product claims to be enough powerful to help you in overcoming any effects caused by menopause... read more

HerSolution Pills

A growing number of modern women notice that they have low libido. This can be associated with decline of hormones, relationship issues, job stress, and other problems. Low libido is also known as a loss of sexual desire or hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). This sexual dysfunction may affect women of all ages. According to the recent study, about one-third of women aged 18 to 59 suffer from the condition. It is not always in their heads only. Unlike men's erectile dysfunction, women's HSDD is caused by both mental and physical factors... read more