Estriol Cream Reviews - What Is It?

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Estriol is a product which has been created for women in the period of their menopause. The product promises to provide you with the relief from vaginal dryness, to help you with the mood swings and night sweats. You can forget about hot flashes if you use Estriol cream. According to the producer it can also be useful for helping you in getting rid of wrinkles as well as hair loss and bone weakness. The product claims to be enough powerful to help you in overcoming any effects caused by menopause.

Is it really so good for women suffering from the menopause symptoms? This review is going to answer all the questions you may have about this product.

Ingredients of Estriol cream - How Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

In order to find out if Estriol cream really works as it claims we need to look at the product's ingredients' list and to check if it is completely safe and effective at the same time.

Estriol cream

The most important ingredient of Estriol cream is estriol. Here you can find the micronized USP Estriol being the key ingredient of the product. It is well-known that Estriol is one of three main estrogens which are produced by the human body. It is inevitable for the woman's reproductive cycle. What happens when a woman has the period of menopause? The blood levels of estrogen decrease which becomes the reason of a great number of negative symptoms.

What does the product claim to do to solve this problem? It promises to introduce estrogen into your body through external methods in order to help you in getting rid of the negative symptoms. There are some additional inactive ingredients which have been included into Estriol cream.

Here you can get acquainted with the full list of ingredients of the product: Purified water, Aloe Barbadensis, Evening Primrose Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Lecithin, Sepigel, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate, Sorbic Acid

All the ingredients are common to such products. This means that the reviewed product can't be called revolutionary and new method. Is there any evidence that it is as great as it claims? Unfortunately, there is no any medical research which can prove that Estriol cream can be as efficient as the producer claims.

The formula is not a revolutionary at all because there is only one active ingredient which is common for similar products. There are no really powerful ingredients which can be helpful for every woman. There is a big difference in natural production of your hormones and the artificial way of introducing estrogen into your body with the help of external methods.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects

As for the side effects some women who have tried Estriol have reported experiencing skin allergy and feeling of burning inside. Some users didn't like how it felt after using the cream feeling some discomfort. You should consult your doctor before applying it to prevent experiencing severe allergic reaction if you are sensitive to one of the ingredients. It is recommended to try it at the small area before using it at your intimate zone.

Let's discover what women who have already used it think of Estriol:

"Estriol cream is the product which made me suffer not only from negative menopause symptoms but also from severe allergic reaction with itching. I can't recommend it to women who need to get rid of their side effects during the menopause period because it is not effective at all. I haven't noticed any positive effect."

"I have bought Estiol cream because I wanted to get rid of bad side effects of my menopause period but unfortunately this product has turned out to be just one more scam which didn't work as it claims. It is better to choose the product with the proven ingredients which can be completely safe!"

"I have chosen Estiol for my side effects as I liked the advertising of this product. But unfortunately, I am not satisfied with some points concerning this product because you should wait for a long time to get some results. Estriol cream provides you with the discomfort and itching for several days. I didn't like that you can use it only externally because it is not convenient sometimes. "

Where To Buy Estriol cream?

Do you want to try whether Estriol cream is going to work for you? If you would like to try Estriol cream, then you should look for it at the official website. It is also available at many online stores (Amazon, GNC, Walmart etc) where it costs about $40 per bottle.

My Final Summary

According to the customers' reviews Estriol cream is not the best solution if you suffer from the menopause negative effects. There are several disadvantages that should be taken into account while taking a decision to purchase it. First of all, it is not as effective as it claims as there are many negative reviews of those women who have tried it. Moreover, many women have reported experiencing unpleasant side effects after applying Estriol cream.

It is necessary to get a consultation of your healthcare specialist before buying Estriol cream to avoid allergic reaction and other possible unwanted effects. Estriol is available only online, you can't find it in retail stores. It is a bit overpriced for such ingredients' list because it has nothing unique in its formula. One more disadvantage is that a lot of users have been dissatisfied with the long period of providing you with the positive results. You'd better choose the product which has been approved by the FDA or any other trustworthy medical research. It is not worth to choose the product which can't keep its word about working effectively and safely.

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